About Us

In today’s world, healthcare institutions and agencies claim to prioritize the well-being of their clients. At DrHebra, we understand that promoting health and wellness requires a more holistic approach. We are a healthcare marketing agency that specializes in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions to our clients.

Our team recognizes that health is a sensitive and complex matter, and we take great care in crafting our strategies to ensure that they are ethical and effective. We have witnessed firsthand the challenges that the healthcare industry faces, particularly in building successful brands amidst fierce competition.

After nearly a decade of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we founded DrHebra healthcare marketing solutions. Our goal is to use our collective knowledge and expertise to help our clients build strong, sustainable brands that resonate with their target audiences.

At DrHebra, we believe that healthcare is not just about treating illness, but also about promoting well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Let us help you connect with your audience and share your message of holistic health and wellness.

“Treating the whole person, not just their symptoms, is the foundation of holistic healthcare.”

Dr. Alex Hebra

At our company, we believe in providing healthcare providers with holistic care that goes beyond just advertising their practice. As the marketing director, I am passionate about managing and planning various solutions and campaigns to promote health and wellness. My work centers around creating trustworthy brands in the healthcare industry that patients can rely on.

My passion for this field was ignited during my medical and pharmacy studies at university. I realized that building trust and promoting good practices in healthcare requires more than just medical expertise. It takes a deep understanding of patients’ needs, concerns, and values. That’s why we take a holistic approach to healthcare marketing, ensuring that our campaigns and solutions prioritize patients’ well-being and build lasting relationships between healthcare providers and patients.

The health and wellness industry operates under its own unique set of rules and demographics. As a CEO or director of one of these companies, you understand the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to fit the needs of these specific businesses.

Health and fitness enthusiasts, as well as patients, make up the majority of consumers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Caregivers such as physicians, pharmacists, and nurses also play a critical role in delivering health solutions to these populations.

Understanding the nuances of each of these personas and approaching them in a value-driven manner can be a challenge. Only an expert who has worked within this ecosystem can truly grasp what’s going on.

“Marketing health care services is vastly different from marketing consumer goods. The difficulty does not lie in creating attractive brochures or catchy slogans, but in navigating the intricate landscape of health care delivery systems and the needs and concerns of patients, providers, payers, and policy makers.”

Nancy J. Niles, Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management

This is where DrHebra comes in.

Partnering with a new digital marketing firm can raise valid concerns, whether you’re starting a campaign from scratch or replacing an underperforming agency. At DrHebra Digital Marketing, we prioritize open and honest communication, as well as a thorough onboarding process, both of which are crucial elements of a successful agency-client relationship.

We’re here to help you navigate the intricacies of healthcare marketing and achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at +1 (323) 364-0626 to start a conversation. Trust us to help your brand succeed in the dynamic world of health and wellness marketing.